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Come on over for the best bike shop experience in town! Now conveniently  Located on the B-line trail

Salt Creek Cycles is a friendly small local bike shop that has an emphasis on Mountain biking and a love for cycling in all forms. We started 2012 with the idea of creating a welcoming space for cyclists of any skill level. We love getting people on bikes and keeping riders on the road or trail. We sell new and occasionally used bikes. We service all makes and models. Our knowledgeable staff can help with any needs service or sales.


We sell all types of bikes from full carbon fiber race bikes to adult trikes. We also have the accessories you need to make your bike exactly how you want it. If we don’t have an item in stock we can special order almost anything out there.

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We are a full service shop and do everything from a simple derailleur adjustment to building custom wheels.

Our Quick Tune Up includes: Adjusting both Brakes and derailleurs and a quick cleaning.

Our Standard Tune Up includes: Adjust derailleurs and brakes, truing wheels, cleaning the bike and adjusting the bottom bracket, headset and hubs.

Our Full Tune Up includes: Everything on our Standard Tune plus overhauling the bottom bracket, headset, front and rear hubs (parts not included).

Add On Full Cables and Housing to any Tune Up for $20


Our Tune ups start at $25. See our service price list below or download a PDF.

  • Install Stem $6
  • Install Derailleur Cable $3
  • Install Left Crank Arm $3
  • Crank/Pedal Thread Insert Repair $15-$30
  • Adjust BB $10-$12
  • Install Housing $3
  • Install Road Bar $30
  • Install Saddle $5
  • Install Rotor $6
  • Adjust Front Hub $10
  • Install Freewheel $8
  • Install Toe Clips $4
  • Install Pedals $4
  • Install Derailleur $15
  • Install Fender $12
  • Overhaul Front Hub $15
  • Adjust Headset $10
  • Overhaul Rear Hub $25
  • Frame Saver Bare Frame $25
  • Frame Saver Complete Bike $180
  • Adjust Rear Hub $15
  • Shorten Hydro Brake Line $25
  • Cleaning Fee $5
  • True Rear Wheel $20
  • Install MTB Bar $25
  • Install Tire $8
  • Install Brake $12
  • Bleed Hydro Disc Brake $25
  • Adjust Brake $10
  • Install Cable $3
  • Install Crank Set $20-$30
  • Overhaul Headset $25
  • Install Headset $30
  • Overhaul BB $25
  • Install BB $30
  • Install New Road Shifter set $35
  • Full Tune Up $70-$200
  • Install Tube $8
  • Misc Labor Hourly $60/hour
  • Standard Tune Up $35-$80
  • Build Custom wheel $40
  • Adjust Derailleur $10
  • Install New Flat Bar Shift Set $25
  • True Front Wheel $15
  • Install Chain $8
  • Install Fork $30
  • Install Spoke $6-$8
  • Add Tubeless Sealant $8
  • Install Chainring $12
  • Overhaul Rear Hub $25
  • Install Derailleur Hanger $20
  • Install Bash Guard $12-$25
  • Install Cassette $8
  • Install Basket $8
  • Install Rack $10
  • Wrap Bars $12
  • Install Computer $10
  • Assemble Bike From Box $40-$90
  • Install/Convert Tubeless Tire $20
  • Adjust Derailleur Hanger $15
  • Box Bike To Ship $60
  • Cut Lock $6       


Whether you’re in town visiting for a day, week, semester or are a full time resident we have a diverse rental fleet ready to ride. We also rent helmets and trunk racks. See our rental price list below or download a PDF.

    • Helmet rental ($3)
    • Rack rental ($10)
    • Kona Dew 1-2 hours ($15)
    •                         2-8 hours ($20)
    •                         24 hours ($30)
    •                         48 hours ($40)
    •                         72 hours ($50)
    •                         Weekly ($80)

    • Rocky Mountain Altitude 720 LG - 1 Week ($120)
    • Rocky Mountain Altitude 720 LG - 24 hours ($50)
    • Rocky Mountain Altitude 720 LG - Hourly ($20)

    Monthly Specials and discounts!

    Stay tuned...check our website for specials and discounts


    Southern Indiana has varied terrain suitable for many types of riding. Whether touring back roads, visiting historical landmarks or off road bikepacking you’ll find an adventure. If interested in a bicycle trip tailored to your riding style and skill level please contact the shop for a customized quote.


    Cycling is our passion


    Josh Thurston

    Shop Owner

    Josh is a Southern Indiana native that has lived in Bloomington for almost 20 yrs. He got his first set of BMX Mag Wheels at the ripe age of five years old and has been riding bikes ever since. Prior to opening Salt Creek Cycles, Josh was the owner/operator of Hoosier Heights Indoor Climbing Gym. He currently rides a Kona Honzo and lists Raccoon Mountain, in Chattanooga, TN as his favorite non-Brown County riding destination. Josh is married with three kids and spends as much time as possible with them, cruising the Clear Creek trail. His favorite food is pizza, and his favorite trail is Walnut.


    Dave Bik

    Shop Owner

    Dave is a native of Cape Cod, Massachusetts and has been in Bloomington since 2002.He made his way to Indiana via Ball State University, playing for the men’s volleyball team. Dave followed his sweetheart to Bloomington when she started grad school and has been bike commuting and mountain biking here for years. He is married with two young boys. Dave has a diverse collection of bikes; a Surly Straggler for the daily commute, a Ventana El Padrino on the trails and a Cannondale Synapse for his rare road rides. His favorite food is fish and his favorite trail is Schooner, even though he walks most of it.


    Jerry Ramusack

    Shop Owner

    Jerry comes to us from “The Region” and has lived in Bloomington for 20yrs. In order to get out of playing the piano, he raced BMX as a kid. It was Jerry that first lipped the words: “we need an East-Side bike shop,” thus planting the seed that has become the Shop. He rides a custom built Banshee Paradox on the trails and has a quiver of bikes to ride for any occasion. He struggles to decide between Colorado and Brevard, NC as his favorite non-Brown County riding destination. Jerry is married with three kids. His favorite food is any type of canned fish and his favorite local trail is Nebo Ridge.


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    235 W Dodds St Suite #101 Bloomington, IN 47403


    Monday - Friday: By Appointment
    Saturday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
    Sunday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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